05/2023: BR Klassik Jazzztimes “Drums First” a program exclusively with LOFT recordings

From www.br-klassik.de:

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The whole world of jazz – New CDs, BR live recordings, festival reports, portraits of musicians, interpretations of famous jazz classics in comparison: a spectrum for curious ears.

Drums First: New albums by drummer Lisa Wilhelm and drummers Jochen Rückert and Pablo Saez.
Moderation and selection: Henning Sieverts

And there you thought LOFT was the piano place – all recordings played in the program (all recordings on the respective CDs or digital releases) originate from the LOFTs own recording studio.

Take me to the production & recording archive!

Pablo Sáez, Philipp Brämswig, Miguelángel Clerc, Norman Peplow, Joan Chávez, LOFT, Lukas Lohner, Christian Heck, Inmanencia

Mark Turner, Nils Wogram, Joris Roelofs, Doug Weiss, Jochen Rueckert, LOFT, Christian Heck, with best intentions