2023: Lisa Wilhelm Quartett – Potpourri

Lukas Wögler, Moritz Langmaier, Franz Blumenthal, Lisa Wilhelm, LOFT, Potpourri, Lukas Lohner, recording projectLisa Wilhelm Quartett – Potpourri

Released: 24th of February 2023

digital release

Lukas Wögler – Tenor Saxophon
Moritz Langmaier – Piano
Franz Blumenthal – Bass
Lisa Wilhelm – Drums

1. They Are Falling in Love (Aubade) 06:55
2. The Guardian Of The Infinite Abyss 06:46
3. Me, You And Everyone We Know 05:53
4. Only Assholes Go To Rome 06:21
5. Sophia. Rosa. Olympia. Margot 05:25
6. There’s Nothing Wrong Posing For A Magazine 01:59
7. But They Don’t Know Yet (Serenade) 03:56

Recorded August 9th & 10th 2021 at LOFT, Cologne by Lukas Lohner as part of the recording project for young musicians, a price awarded by 2ndFLOOR e.V. & LOFT

all Composition my Lisa Wilhelm
Mixing by Lukas Lohner
Mastering byChristoph Stickel
Pictures by Janine Kühn