Contact & How to reach us

LOFT / 2ndFLOOR e.V.
Hans Martin Müller & Dr. Urs Benedikt Müller
Wißmannstr. 30
50823 Köln

Fon (+49) 221 – 67 77 09 95

Email:   info[at]

How to reach the LOFT

Dear visitors,

Anfarht, LOFT, Kölnof course its is best to use public transportation or the bike to get to the LOFT. Aditionally, you can reach the LOFT via KVB lines no 3/4/5/13 or via S Bahn station Bahnhof Ehrenfeld.

More and more, people start to visit the LOFT by  bike – a movement which we fully and gladly support. Please keep in mind to lock your bikes only at places that keep the essential driveways free. The space in our yard is extremely limited. If you lock your bike, please take special care in keeping the driveway and all staircases free. Areas where locking bikes is prohibited are marked as such. If the yard seems full, please consider to lock your bikes some place else on Wissmannstr or Subbelrather Str. The same rules apply here: keep the driveways free (for cases of emergency).

LOFT, Anfahrt, Parken, Lukasstr.If you come with the car, keep in mind that there is no possibilty to park anywhere in the yard, so do not waste any time looking for parking space, especially not in Köln-Ehrenfeld.
ATTENTION: since November 4th, 2019, the LOFT is located in residents’ parking zone Ehrenfeld IV – parking in this zone is subject to charges for visitors of the neighborhood!
More information about the residents’ parking zone here.

In the Lukassstr you can park your car for 5€ per day, from the furthest point of the Lukasstr. it is a maximum of 5 minutes walk to the LOFT.
There is a car park in Venloer Str at the Neptunplatz – from there, it is about 10 min on foot (about 900m) to the LOFT, or you park the car at the street „Am Gleisdreieck“, walk across the bridge passing the highway towards Lukasstr, this will lead you to Subbelrather Str. Cross Subbelrather Str to enter Wissmannstr. You will see the LOFT sign from there.

Not only the warm summer months tempt to have inspiring discussions about the just-heard show in our yard. In order to not disturb the neighborhood, we kindly ask you to keep those talks as quiet and short as possible – ideally, you head for one of the numerous bars in Ehrenfeld right away.

Thank you!