2ndFLOOR e.V.

The LOFT is an important part of the cultural city of Cologne, well known as a creative hub with a rich tradition including the Musikhochschule with its Jazz department, the Stadtgarten and its Jazzhaus Initiative, as well as the free music scene with its broad stylistic scope and vitality.

In October 2003, experts, consumers, musicians, reporters and sponsors came together to form the association “2ndFloor e.V.”. The goal of the association is the promotion of Jazz, improvised music, contemporary and electronic music in all its many forms through concerts, productions, and documentation. In short, these otherwise non-commercial and often under-represented forms should be brought closer to the music audience. This is especially possible through the work with other organisations, bodies and associations, which receive particular attention (e.g. with the KGNM e.V., Jazz am Rhein e.V., Kölner JazzHausInitiative e.V. radio programs and various foundations).
In times of increasingly scarce resources, broadcasting and performance opportunities are reliant on such cooperations, through which the “2ndFloor e.V.” is able to support lively contemporary music.

New members are welcome, the yearly fee is 25€, and all donations are tax deductible.

The board of 2ndFloor e.V. is currently represented by Prof. Sebastian Sternal, Prof. Shannon Barnett and Susanne Trautmann.

Former board members:
Prof. Dieter Manderscheid
Frank Gratkowski 

Becoming a member of “2ndFloor e.V. “is easy !
Print out this document, fill it out and sent it via mail to

2nd FLOOR e.V.
Wissmannstr. 30
50823 Köln

or scan it and sent it via email to


The debit can be cancelled any time.
Please do not forget to put your email adress – all informations are sent via email.

Advantages of becoming a member: none.

Disadvantages of becoming a member: you should attend the annual meeting plus you will recieve special information on what is planned in the future.

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