Recording Studio in the LOFT

The recording studio of Loft uses the concert room with its excellent acoustics. For this reason we are able to record concerts with studio quality. For studio productions, the concert room and the foyer are able to be divided into three separate recording rooms. The large Steinway D Grand Piano is at the forefront, hence the grat number of Piano CDs which have been recorded at Loft.

Concert room and recording studio in the LOFT in Cologne-Ehrenfeld


   Technical Specifications:


- Steinway D grand piano( (perparation prohibited !)

     - standardtuning 442Hz

- Yamaha Conservatory C3 piano (preparation permitted)

     - standardtuning 442Hz

-Rhodes MKI

     - standardtuning 442Hz

- Sonor Lite Drumset 

- Fender BluesDeVille 4x10 guitar amp

- Gallien-Krüger bass amp with 2x10"/1x15" speakers

- at least 8 music stand available

Additional instruments/amplifiers have to be hired at extra charge.

© Kotari Hatori

   Recording equipment

- Toft Audio ATB 32 (32 Channel) Inline Console

- microphones: Neumann, Schoeps, Brauner, AKG, Sennheiser, Electro Voice etc.

    - Samplitude with RME-Raydat 36-digital Inputs/Outputs

    - PreAmps/Converter 2x Audient ASP880, 1x Midas XL 48 =24 Channels

    - Converter 3x RME ADI-8 DS

    - Alesis HD24 

- 3x Tascam DA-88 Recorder (not always attached, but available for copy purposes)

- outboard: Lexicon PCM 70/80, Quantec Yardstick, SPL Dynamaxx

     - listen: KRK Exposé 7, Tannoy „Little Red Monitor“

External harddrives for copying-purposes should be formated with FAT32 or NTFS Filesystem.
HFS or HFS+ Discs via Paragon Software. Both interfaces FireWire and/or USB2+3 are welcome.

© Kotari Hatori


- Soundcraft Delta Deluxe 16/4/2 - 4(+2) Aux, Bass/Treble Shelf + 2x parametric Eq per Channel

- 1 x Lexicon LXP-1 Hallgerät

- 2 x 4kanal Splitter 1 in =>2 out + 1 Parallel out (für Phantomspeisung)

- DI-Boxen 5 Stk. BSS

- Syrinx PA - auch eine Rockband ist in diesem Raum damit gut beschallt!

- 1x DB-Technologies Floormonitor aktiv

Für Beschallungszwecke ohne personelle professionelle Betreuung (kostenpflichtig) stehen 4 Mikrofone (2 x AKG C1000 + 2 x Shure SM58) zur Verfügung.
Die Studiomikrofone stehen nicht für Beschallungszwecke zur Verfügung.  
Wenn mehr Equipment benötigt wird, muss dies angemietet werden und verursacht damit zusätzliche Kosten.

   Die Preise


Das Tonstudio im Loft kostet ab 65 € pro Stunde inklusive Tonmeister,

zuzüglich Material und MWSt.


Für weitere Informationen zum Studio wenden Sie sich bitte an

Christian Heck, Tel. 02273 - 914 217

email: c.heck(at)


Stefan Deistler, Tel. 02204 - 201 558

email: s.deistler(at)


letztes Update: 03/2015