12/2022: Standards Week presented by Pablo Held

From Montag, 5th of December until Friday, 9th of December 2022

Pablo Held Trio, Pablo Held, Robert Landfermann Jonas Burgwinkel, Ella Zirina, Jesse Van Ruller, Shannon Barnett, Stefan Karl Schmid, David Helm, Fabian Arends, Standards week, LOFTInitiated by Pablo Held, STANDARDS WEEK refers to an era in jazz history when pioneering bands such as the John Coltrane Quartet, Art Blakey’s JazzMessengers, and the Bill Evans Trio performed in multiple, consecutive sets in New York clubs. Legends entwine around unique concert experiences in which the individual artists spontaneously joined each other’s bands and gave the audience very special star moments of jazz that have never been seen again.

STANDARDS WEEK takes a bow to the music of that time, to the jazz standards as well as to the fascinating jazz club format of the successive sets. The interpretation of the standards is left entirely to the three bands, for it is in this way that the historical reverence is transformed into an artistic reflection of the present day. This is a highly exciting approach: popular, catchy, timeless standards prove their timelessness by being reimagined, rethought, and future-proofed with a creative joy of discovery.

So you can experience firsthand how the music of the three bands develops and changes within the festival week, because the musicians* pick up new influences and fresh impulses and process them spontaneously. So it’s worth staying longer and attending several concerts at once – to see how the bands become more and more familiar with the place, the people and the scene, and how they penetrate ever more intensively into the sonic depths. Such precious moments are not offered by any „regular“ festival, where different bands play every evening and then disappear again in all directions.

The STANDARDS WEEK offers more and becomes a unique experience for both musicians and audience.

per night: 15€ / 10€ 
2-nights-ticketrs: 25€ / 18€
festival ticket (all five nights):  50€ / 35€

Pablo Held Trio:
Pablo Held – piano
Robert Landfermann – bass
Jonas Burgwinkel – drums

Ella Zirina & Jesse Van Ruller Duo:
Ella Zirina – guita
Jesse Van Ruller – guitar

Shannon Barnett Quartet:
Shannon Barnett – trombone
Stefan Karl Schmid – tenor saxophone
David Helm – bass
Fabian Arends – drums

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