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Gratkowski-Zoubek-Landfermann-Mahnig // Live-Mitschnitt

Tuesday 11. February 2020 - 20:30

Frank Gratkowski – Woodwinds
Philip Zoubek – Piano
Robert Landfermann – Bass
Dominik Mahnig – Schlagzeug

Gratkowski Landfermann Mahnig Zoubek LOFT live recording Cologne Köln
Frank Gratkowski © Kurt Rade ; Philip Zoubek & Dominik Mahnig © Frank Schindelbeck (schindelbeck.org) ; Robert Landfermann © Patrick Essex

„Beneath the subatomic particle level, there are fibers that vibrate at different intensities. Different frequencies. Like violin strings. The physicists say that the particles we are able to see are the notes of the strings vibrating beneath them. If string theory is correct, then music is not only the way our brains work, as the neuroscientists have shown, but also, it is what we are made of, what everything is made of. These are the stakes musicians are playing for.“
T-Bone Burnett

Das Quartett Gratkowski-Zoubek-Landfermann-Mahnig spielte sein Debut in 2016 im LOFT.
Das Konzert am heutigen Abend wird live mitgeschnitten, denn es ist langsam die Zeit für eine CD gekommen.