2023: Felix Hauptmann / Leif Berger / Roger Kintopf – PERCUSSION II

Felix Hauptmann, Leif Berger, Roger Kintopf, PERCUSSION II, Boomlsang Records, LOFT, Stefan Deistler
Felix Hauptmann/Leif Berger/Roger Kintopf – PERCUSSION II

Boomlsang Records

Released: 14th of March 2023

Felix Hauptmann – piano
Leif Berger – drums
Roger Kintopf – upright bass

1. three crows go by about theire dark and iridescent business 03:14
2. the bay is a continuum and change 07:28
3. of a balsam 06:08
4. I am as shy as you are 06:54
5. there is a certain challenge in being humane but hornets not much 03:54
6. sun city 13:39

Recorded at LOFT, Cologne on November 18th 2021 by Stefan Deistler

All compositions by Felix Hauptmann
Mixed and Mastered by Martin Ruch
Drawing by Iris Borges Teixeira
Design by Lucas Dietrich