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Canaries On The Pole

Freitag 6. März 2009 - 20:30

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Jacques Foschia – bcl, ebcl.
Mike Goyvaerts – perc.
Christoph Irmer – viol.,
Georg Wissel – prep. saxes

Die Musiker dieses deutsch-belgischen Quartetts produzieren mit ihren erfindungsreichen Klängen eine transparente zeitgenössische Improvisationsmusik und zeigen eine feine Affinität für surrealistische Prozesse. Beim heutigen Konzert stellt das Quartett ihre kürzlich bei „creative sources“ erschienene zweite CD „#2“ vor.

„ …eine der besten Gruppen der freien Improvisation auf der Achse Köln-Paris und darüber hinaus; existiert seit 2001. Eine intensive Arbeit und ein exzeptionelles intuitives Einverständnis! Diese Vögel haben die subtilsten und komplexesten Gesänge. Man bemerkt diese Eigenart, wenn man den Käfig unserer Kanarienvögel in Richtung der Pole der Improvisation öffnet: gegenseitiges Zuhören, Sensibilität, Erfindungskraft, Esprit im Dialog, Empathie…“
J-M van Shouwbourg, Kritiker für Improjazz u.a.

Jacques Foschia, clarinets
born august 60, he is a classical trained musician: he won the first prize of clarinet at the conservatoire royale de mons, belgium in ´85 and received the diploma del merito of the accademia chigiana in siena, for wich he was granted. from ´89 to ´92 he received a dutch government scholarship in the conservatory of rotterdam. member of various symphony and chamber orchestras, he performed both straight classical and contemporary compositions and met the double-bass legend barre phillips in ´95. member of the brussels’s improvising musicians collective „inaudible“, their large improvising ensemble „brol“ and the „london improvisors orchestra“ (L.I.O.). he founded in 1999 with the percussionnist mike goyvaerts the duo klunk which has performed in the antwerpen free music festival 2001.

he’s also involved on radio and comunication arts. his work focused essentially on the relationship between sound and distance/space, take place in various experimental radio festivals („radiophon’ic 2003“ festival in Brussels), events (Long night of radio Art, Art’s birthday etc… ( see websites:)

his work includes the particitation of radio artists among the world like Tetsuo Kogawa (Radio Kinesonus)

Mike Goyvaerts : percussion, etc …
He starts off in 1963, first as a bass player but soon switching to drums, and plays for several years in almost every style of popular music. Little by little he gets involved into more experimental music, jazz, free jazz to end up, in the mid-eighties, as a free improviser.

By that time he becomes a board man of the Antwerp Free Music Festival and co-organises this event for nearly 20 years, witch allows him to encounter and to play with the cream of this music scene.

And although he plays a lot in “ad hoc” ensembles, he prefers working with small units over longer periods getting more satisfaction from this “work-in-progress” attitude.

Today he works with dancers, poets, performance artists, plays solo, shares duo’s, trio’s and larger units with Jean Demey, Jacques Foschia, André Goudbeek, Peter Jacquemyn, Gianni Mimmo, Laurent Rigaut, Willy Van Buggenhout among aothers.

Christoph Irmer, violin
diploma for violin at the highschool of music cologne – department wuppertal in 1990. playing the acustic and amplified improvised violin today. 1992 membering the improvising orchestra of the „documenta ix“ at kassel (organized und conducted by jon rose), titled „burned documents – the athletic violin“; 1994/95 involved in the project of peter kowald „365 days in town“ at wuppertal and a member of his „ort-ensemble“; 1996 cooperation with tony oxley, trevor watts and others at the „drumming for africa“ at viersen; since 1997 duo violin/piano with agustí fernández (barcelona); since 1998 „statements quintet“ with dominic duval (d.-bass, electronics, new york), jay rosen (drums, new york), ursel schlicht (piano, new york), hans tammen (guitars, electronics, new york); since 2000 member of the jazz performance band „supernova“ (ruhrgebiet, see of the L.I.O. (london improvisers orchestra) since 2004. cooperation with jean sasportes, chrystel guillebeaud (dance theatre pina bausch). organizing the „klappstuhl fest“, wuppertal, an annual festival for dance, music and art.

Georg Wissel – (prepared) alto-/ tenorsaxophone, obone, a.o.
Affected by his hometown’s (Wanne-Eickel) music-scene he made his first important experiences in Improvised music recording and touring 1986-’88 in Europe and Southamerica with W.-E. trio ‚Pöhlmusik‘ along with Jon Rose. Inspired by his collaboration with electronic musicians, he began also (beside working on instrumental playing-technics) searching for new sounds by preparations, which by the time have become an integral part of his playing. He is working internationally, performing solo and with permanent groups like the duo ‚PAUL LYTTON&GEORG WISSEL‘ ; ‚BLANKDISC TRIO‘ along with serbian fellows Srdjan Muc (e-git) and Róbert Rózsa (electr.); (allready mentioned) ‚CANARIES ON THE POLE‘; ‚ADAM NOIDLT MISSILES‘ or in projects together with …Lawrence Casserley,Malcolm Goldstein,Gunda Gottschalk,Lou Grassi, Paul Hubweber ,Tim Perkis,Melvyn Poore,Alan Silva,“LondonImprovisersOrchestra“…on festivals e.g. „NewJazz“, Moers; „Inaudible“, Brussels; „Schu-mannfest“, Düsseldorf;“ReDiscover/O-Ucesnicima“,Belgrade;“Frakture-Festival“, Liverpool;“HumanoiseCongress“,Wiesbaden;“Triennale“,Köln;“FreeMusicFestival“,Antwerp; „Colour Scape“; „TransArt“,Bozen… Furthermore, like as a negative pattern to Improvisation, he concernes himself in composition, whereas dealing with the subject of geography and geometry is an important point of his interest.