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jag.bonnen.barz, Jag Barseghyan, Dietmar Bonnen, Narek Barz, Stefan Deistler, recorded, LOFT, Cologne, Kölnjag.bonnen.barz – home

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Jag Barseghyan – vocals, acoustic guitar
Dietmar Bonnen – vocals, piano, prepared piano, rhodes, electronics, monotron
Narek Barz – vocals, electric guitar, electronics

1 Shady Land 10‘24
2 Ներքին լույս 13‘26
3 The Butterfly 5‘58
4 Equinox 8‘10
5 Sad Songs 7‘12
6 Aussicht 10‘17
The Mulberry Tree (Bonus Track)

Recorded by Stefan Deistler at Loft, Cologne, September 2019

Music by Jag Barseghyan, Dietmar Bonnen, Narek Barz
including a little melody by George Harrison
Texts: fragments from the Tao Te Ching (44, 47, 56, 80, 81) adapted by Jag,
Friedrich Hölderlin, Bonnen

Mixed and Mastered by Stefan Deistler, Jag Barseghyan, Dietmar Bonnen, Narek Barz, Project 69
Concept/Design: trio27/BAMBIR
Hexagramm 37 from the I Ching
In cooperation with the Goethe-Zentrum Eriwan