Renting the recording studio or the room for rehearsals

The recording studio at the LOFT charges 65 € per hour, including sound engineer, exclusive material and taxes (19%).
Details should be discussed personally.

In case of a live recording of a concert, the LOFT does not charge any costs for the studio (ca. 3 hours: 190€) but fully subsidizes those costs.

For further information, please contact

Stefan Deistler
Tel. 02204 – 201 558
email: s.deistler[at]


Christian Heck
Tel. 02273 – 914 217
email: c.heck[at]

The concert room at the LOFT can be rented for rehearsals (minimum 3 hours): 15 €uro per hour, exclusive 19% taxes.
For rehearsals, only the Yamaha piano is at disposition.

Fell free to contact us for further informations about renting the LOFT:

Tel. 0221 – 952 15 55
Email:   info[at]

last updated: 02/2017