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Jacob Anderskov’s KINETICS

Donnerstag 23. März 2017 - 20:30

Jacob Anderskov – piano
Adam Pultz Melbye – bass
Anders Vestergaard – drums

“Few musicians embody the exciting growth of the Danish improvised music  scene over the last couple of decades better than pianist Jacob Anderskov,  a true musical polymath whose work has vibrantly expanded the sonic land – scape of Copenhagen.”  – Peter Margasak, Down Beat, March 2013)


Jacob Anderskov © Andreas Omvik ; Adam Pultz Melbye & Anders Vestergaard © Per Henriksen
Jacob Anderskov © Andreas Omvik ;
Adam Pultz Melbye &
Anders Vestergaard © Per Henriksen

2015 Press release for
Jacob  Anderskov Kinetics ( The Path )
[Habitable Exomusics  Volume I ]

New music composed by Jacob Anderskov

Kinetics (the Path) is physical, abstract, sensual and energetic. On its  own terms it balances between pulse and no pulse, between groove and  creativity. Anderskov’s compositions might be more concerned with  surface and tactility than on many of his recent releases. You may even  ask yourself: Is this his take on making a blues album? Either way, the  crucial things in the music are – as always – beat, flow, expressiveness  and momentum.

(The title):  Kinetics , a branch of classical mechanics, is concerned with  forces on bodies in motion. This no matter if these bodies be drones,  drum sticks or planets – and relating to as well the movement through  a terrain as that through outer space to another planet.

(The subtitle)  The Path  – which also relates to movement – opens the  possibility of a more spiritual understanding of the body-in-motion  metaphor. That a movement may be a journey, inner or outer.

Anderskov  has for many years primarily been working with artists from  or above his own generation, but here he turns to two young musicians  who could be (and have been) his students. Adam Pultz Melbye was  one of the driving forces behind starting up the record company Barefoot  Records. He lives in Berlin and has played with Peter Brötzmann,  Paul Lovens, Frank Gratkowski, Tony Buck & Mark Sanders.  Anders Vestergaard is young enough to have come of age to the sound  of Anderskov Accident. Today, he is everywhere on the experimental  Scandinavian scene, including Yes Deer, Bravura in the Face of Grief,  Boujeloud, Jesper Zeuthen, Michael Rexen, etc.
“Over the last decade or so, pianist Jacob Anderskov has emerged as one of  the most exciting and original voices … deeply modern…” – Down Beat, November 2010.

Jacob Anderskov:

Jacob Anderskov has as pianist, band leader and composer been described as “belonging to the most extraordinary artists of contemporary music” (Jazz Podium, Germany, May 2010), and has received numerous awards, latest “Danish Jazz Composer of the Year 2013” at Danish Music Awards Jazz.

Anderskov’s music moves effortlessly between improvisation, new music, jazz, and also draws on folklore and classical. It’s clean and dirty. It’s grand and simplistic. It’s unshakable and highly present.

Anderskov has released around 25 albums as bandleader. He has received numerous awards and has been hailed by the international press as an outstanding voice in contemporary music. Anderskov has performed in most countries in the western hemisphere with his own projects. His oeuvre encompasses everything from improvised works in small groups to almost thoroughly composed material for larger ensembles, and from activities routed in the diverse traditions he is coming out of, as well as music obviously moving beyond these traditions.

Among the bands that Jacob Anderskov has previously been forming and leading are ANDERSKOV ACCIDENT, AGNOSTIC REVELATIONS, JACOB ANDERSKOV’s STRINGS PERCUSSION & PIANO, JACOB ANDERSKOV TRIO (in different versions over the years) & JACOB ANDERSKOV SOLO. Anderskov has performed and recorded with numerous outstanding musicians including Michael Formanek, Chris Speed, Airto Moreira, Tom Rainey, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Gerald Cleaver, Paul Lovens, among many others.

In Anderskov’s new band KINETICS, he has turned to a new generation of musicians, once again marking a new chapter in his music.

Adam Pultz Melbye – Double bass/electronics/composition
Born in Ribe, Denmark in 1981. Currently living in Berlin.
Working mainly in the field of improvisation and structured sound, Adam has toured Europe, the US and Japan, performing solo concerts, in duo with dancer Akemi Nagao, the orchestras Toggle, Jitter, Angel, Flamingo as well as with musicians such as Pat Thomas, Mark Sanders, Evan Parker, Paul Lovens, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki and Michiyo Yagi. Playing electronics, Adam performs in the duo Toggle (with Mads Emil Nielsen) and Ouroboros with Chris Heenan and Michael Vorfeld.
Appears on 25+ albums. Initiator of the release platform Noema.

Anders Vestergaard – rummer. improviser.
born 1989 in denmark and currently residing in copenhagen.
working with drums, cymbals and other objects in both refined and precise ways and in brutal and stupid ways.
Collaborators include: Karl Bjorå, Signe Dahlgreen, Danielle Dahl, Lars Bech Pilgaard, Henrik Nørstebø, Finn Loxbo, Jacob Anderskov, Adam Pultz Melbye, Ole Mofjell, Niklas Adam etc.


 “Anderskov expands sonic language of Danish Jazz. … Superb.”
Peter Margasak, Down Beat, March 2013

 “Danish pianist Anderskov has been remarkably prolific over the past decade or so, winning multiple awards and being widely hailed as a dazzling new force in European jazz. (…) Anderskov himself proves on track after track that virtuosity and vision don ́t have to be mutually exclusive”.
Marcus O’Dair, Jazzwise Magazine, May 2013

“Over the last decade or so, pianist Jacob Anderskov has emerged as one of the most exciting and original voices … deeply modern…”
Down Beat, November 2010

“For those who still didn’t know, there is by now no way around realizing that Jacob Anderskov belongs to the most extraordinary artists of contemporary music… A high point in improvised Music…” Hans-Jürgen von Osterhausen, Jazz Podium, May 2010